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300 WoL Club:

Only one duelist has reached this lofty platform, unmatched in any of the three sports; Matthew Algiers Simon recorded his 300'th Win over Loss.

200 WoL Club:

Only one duelist has reached the top of this mountain; Matthew Algiers Simon recorded his 200'th Win over Loss on December 5, 1998. No other duelist is close to matching or breaking this record.

100 WoL Club:

There have now been three Duel of Fists patrons that have accomplished the impressive task of gaining one hundred Wins over Losses in their overall careers.

The first to do so was Shannon Kimberly Colton; first arriving on the standings on March 17, 1995, Shanni shot up the ranks and the standings reflected her 100'th WoL just over one year later on March 24, 1996. After a tumultous career, Shannon retired from the Duel of Fists on July 21, 1998 with a 137-03-00 record, a total of 134 Wins over Losses.

The second person to break the 100 WoL mark was Matthew Algiers Simon who fought his first duel on June 24, 1995. On May 7, 1997, the standings reflected his 100'th and 101'st WoL's. Matt is still an active participant in the Duel of Fists.

After almost three years with only these two standing on this high plateau, another duelist took it upon himself to break the glass ceiling and join the ranks of the elite. Tareth Thorn nailed down his 100th WoL on November 16, 2001. His highly visible dueling career began on August 2, 1998 and has since managed to place his name in nearly all the DoF records. Tareth is still an active participant in the Duel of Fists today.

Long time duelist and slacker Harris D'Artanian finally added this honor to his growing list of accomplisments, earning his hundredth WoL. He's also an added threat to the 200 club, active in dueling even now.