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At the end of Diamond Quest XI, a new rank came into being in the Outback. The six that placed highest among the seventeen competitors took home gems that night, only one of them was the coveted diamond.

There has been speculation far and wide about what the opals actually are, or what purpose or power they serve. All we know for sure is that it is a highly competitive title among those in the Duel of Fists, obtained only by those willing to pit their skills against the best of the best.

Duelist Date Opal Acquired Notes
Ian Munro 10-11-97 Placing first in DQ XI, Ian chose the black opal, ShadoWeaver.
Defended against Matthew Simon, 12-4-97
Robert Braxxx 1-22-98 Sucessfully challenged Ian for ShadoWeaver.
Kel Killer 2-23-98 Sucessfully challenged Robert for ShadoWeaver.
Defended against Malefestra, 4-14-98
Matthew Algiers Simon 8-22-98 His challenge unanswered, Matthew gained control of ShadoWeaver by default, though he later defended his right to hold it.
Defended against Roland Sal Roa 9-28-98.
Defended against Jaycynda Ashleana 1-14-00.
Defeded again against Jaycynda Ashleana 2-19-00
Jaycynda Ashleana 3-29-00 After three back-to-back challenges, Jaycy finally wore Matt down enough to take the opal from him.
Tareth Thorn 6-19-00 Sucessfully challenged Jaycy for ShadoWeaver.
Defended against Face Loran 8-25-00.
Defended against Matthew Simon 5-1-01.
Matthew Algiers Simon 5-5-01 At the end of DQ XXV, Tareth retired his claim on ShadoWeaver to take a leave from the Outback. With so many opals long vacant, the Outback staff decided that the three highest finishers of the Diamond Quest should recieve rights to the vacant opal titles. Matthew, taking fourth behind Dustin, Tareth and Daelin, claimed ShadoWeaver.
Shawn Andres 6-11-01 Sucessfully challenged Matt for ShadoWeaver.
Defended against Jaycynda Ashleana 6-31-01
Defended against Tim Enralyte 8-28-01
Tim Enralyte 11-11-01 Came back and sucessfully challenged Shawn for ShadoWeaver.
Defended against Shawn Andres 11-11-01
Defended against Xerzes Maureen, 12-30-01
Anubis Karos 2-19-02 Sucessfully challenged Tim for ShadoWeaver.
Jigglypuff 4-7-02 The pink puffball sucessfully challenged Anubis for ShadoWeaver.
Defended against Tim Enralyte 5-15-02
Defended against Stick 8-12-02
Angelina Darkling 1-3-03 Sucessfully challenged the pink puffball, winning in three duels.
Ticallion Carter 1-23-03 Sucessfully challenged Angel, winning in three duels.
Harris D'Artanian 3-31-03 In an attempt to save his significant other Stick the trouble of fighting for the opal over an insult, Harris took it upon himself to challenge Tical in her place. Harris would then progress to the title of Diamond, leaving the opal up for tournament.
Alexandria Graziano 8-2-03 Ria placed first in a double-elimination tournament of two contestants to take home ShadoWeaver once again.
Matthew Algiers Simon 11-18-03 The Boss takes it to Ria, winning 2 of 3 to lay his third claim to the title.
Defended against Chris Graziano in two, 4-28-04
Max Blue 6-14-04 Max defeats Matt in 2 straight duels to claim ShadoWeaver.
PJ Ramirez 7-16-04 PJ took on Max and beat him down in 2 straight duels to win ShadoWeaver.
Dizzy Flores 8-18-04 Dizzy took ShadoWeaver away from PJ by defeating her 2 duels to 1.
Defended against Max Blue 11-22-04
Mur Ollavan 5-9-05 Mur won ShadoWeaver by beating Dizzy in 2 straight duels.

Duelist Date Opal Acquired Notes
Ulath ni Fici 10-11-97 Placing second in DQ XI, Ulath chose the red opal, FireStar.
Defended against Tarl Cabot, 2-19-98
Ralez Rastlin 6-25-98 Both Ralez and Falablah Dalegate made challenges to Ulath, but since Ralez made his first, his was honored. Oddly, Ulath never showed for the duel, so it was declared that the two challengers should fight for the opal. Ralez took two matches without answer from Falablah, claiming FireStar.
Defended against Imp, 8-9-98
Avery Shiv Blade 9-21-98 Sucessfully challenged Ralez for FireStar.
Defended against Andrew Forcer, 12-13-98
Harris D'Artainian 2-20-99 Won an opal quest to claim FireStar.
Avery Shiv Blade 6-6-99 Sucessfully challenged Harris for FireStar.
Harris D'Artainian 7-4-99 The title became vacant again as Avery ascended to Diamond. Harris once more stepped up to take it home a second time though opal quest.
Tareth Thorn 1-15-00 His challenge unanswered, Tareth gained control of FireStar by default.
Avery Shiv Blade 2-2-00 Sucessfully challenged Tareth for his third term as FireStar's holder.
Alexandria Wells 5-21-00 As Avery took the diamond, his opal went vacant. Ria went undefeated in the quest to claim FireStar.
Defended against Bode Bojangles, 6-28-00
Beck Weller 6-28-00 Beck managed to severely injure Ria during the course of their challenge, and he disappeared with the opal shortly after. The stone remained missing for nearly two years, though many fought for just the title.
Jeremy 5-5-01 At the end of DQ XXV, the Outback staff decided that the three highest finishers of the Diamond Quest should recieve rights to the vacant opal titles. Jeremy, finishing fifth, gained the right to quest for the missing FireStar and lay claim to the title should he retrieve it.
Alexandria Wells-Graziano 6-22-01 Sucessfully challenged Jeremy for the right to hold the still missing FireStar.
Defended against Ralez Raistlin 5-15-02
Neraster Fangrin 8-4-02 As Ria ascended to the title of Diamond, the opal title went vacant. Neraster struggled against the odds to win an opal quest to claim the title. After the tournament, Tareth presented the actual opal to him, having returned from recovering it that morning.
Tim Enralyte 9-8-02 Sucessfully challenged Neraster for the right to hold FireStar.
Anubis Karos 9-27-02 Successfully challenged Tim for the right to hold FireStar, shortly after posting a public notice of his intent to use Firestar for harm's sake and waiving his grace period.
Defended against Manni Cohai 10-14-02
Stick 11-7-02 Successfully challenged Anubis for the right to hold FireStar.
Chris Graziano 1-15-03 Sucessfully challenged Stick for the rights to Firestar, winning in two.
Dominic Fetzer 2-5-03 Sucessfully challenged Chris, winning in two.
Dom would later abdicate the opal title and leave the Outback, asking to be removed from the register for unknown reasons.
Dizzy Flores 7-7-03 Placing second in the Third Intergender War, Dizzy took home the destructive red opal.
Anubis Karos 10-19-03 Chris Graziano issued a challenge to Dizzy to defend FireStar. When no reply was made, the opal was held forfiet. Chris refused to take a prize unearned, so it went to the second runner-up of Diamond Quest XXXV, Anubis.
Defended against Ticallion Carter in two 1-5-04
Defended against Max Quinlan Blue 4-6-04, a three-duel match where Anubis was fined and penalized for excessive brutality.
Defended against Gork in three, 4-15-04
Ticallion Carter 6-16-04 Ticallion defeated Anubis in 2 straight duels to claim FireStar.
Anubis Karos c. 10-15-04 Not content with losing FireStar, Anubis challenges Ticallion back and defeats him to reclaim the opal.
Defended against Gork 12-15-04
Defended against Maetel 4-7-05
Defended against Gork (again) 5-12-05

Duelist Date Opal Acquired Notes
Marzan DeBurgo 10-11-97 Placing third in DQ XI, Marzan chose the green opal, PathFinder
Falablah Dalegate 4-4-98 His challenge unanswered, Fala gained control of PathFinder by default, though he later defended his right to hold it.
Defended against Ralez Rastlin, 4-17-98
Harris D'Artainian 5-23-98 Sucessfully challenged Fala for PathFinder
Walker 10-3-98 Went undefeated in an opal quest to gain control of PathFinder
Falablah Dalegate 11-14-98 Walker retired, leaving the opal vacant. Fala steppped up to win an opal quest to gain Pathfinder once more.
Kelli Elan 6-14-99 Won an opal quest to gain Pathfinder.
Kheldar Drasinia 1-16-00 Sucessfully challenged Kelli for PathFinder.
Defended against Xerzes Maureen 5-15-00
Anubis Karos 9-27-00 Sucessfully challenged Kheldar.
Defended against Xerzes Maureen 8-4-00
Defended again against Xerzes Maureen 5-22-01
Defended against Magnus Highborn 7-25-01
Jonathon Ecorian Havoick 10-29-01 Sucessfully challenged Anubis.
Dustin Manjahcapery 12-13-01 Sucessfully challenged Cory to claim PathFinder.
Defended against Jaycy Ashleana 2-23-02
Defended against Xerzes Maureen 5-13-02
Defended against Anubis Karos 7-13-02
Defended against Tareth Thorn 9-15-02
Tareth Thorn 12-01-02 Sucessfully challenged Dustin to claim PathFinder, becoming the first duelist in Outback history to have held all five opals.
Defended against Anubis Karos in two, 2-25-03
Defended against Grayson MacLeod in three, 7-17-03
Tareth would finally ascend to the title of Diamond and leave the green opal to tournament.
Angelina Darkling 11-24-03 Angelina Darkling wins Mega Brawl IV with four ejections, taking possession of Pathfinder.
Mur Ollavan 12-15-03 Mur Ollavan challenges Angelina for PathFinder and wins in two duels. He would retire the opal without explanation 35 days later.
Cassuis Maximus 2-8-04 A special Tag Team Tournament is held as an Opal tournament. The winning team of two will receive the vacant Opals - PathFinder and MoonBeryl. The unlikely team of Tareth Thorn and Cassius Maxim win the tournament with a 4-0 record.
Cassius claims PathFinder, but is forced to give up the title when he drops below the minimum rank requirements to hold the opal on 3-20-04.
Alexandria Wells-Graziano 4-17-04 The XXXVII Diamond Quest occurs. Kheldar defeats Ria 5-0 in 5 in the title match to earn the Diamond. Ria and Harris are left to fight for PathFinder. Harris refuses to duel Ria on the grounds of her use of a hologram to fight. Ria takes PathFinder as her prize for second place.
Layne Jenkins 6-14-04 In an unscheduled challenge, Layne took on Ria, and defeated her 2 duels to 1, to take control of PathFinder.
Cassius Maximius c. 8-19-04 Cas wins PathFinder by defeating Layne in two straight duels.
Defended against Mur Ollavan 10-28-04
Given up 1-23-05 when he won the Diamond
Kheldar Drasinia 5-14-05 Kheldar Drasinia comes on top of first-ever SlugFest tourney to claim PathFinder.

Duelist Date Opal Acquired Notes
Nova Shayde 10-11-97 Placing fourth in DQ XI, Nova chose the blue opal, IceDancer
Shannon Kimberly Colton 3-24-98 Sucessfully challenged Nova for IceDancer.
Defended against Roland Sal Roa in what is believed to be the longest opal battle in history, with a finishing score of 7-8.
Shannon attempted to destroy the blue opal at DQ XIV, leading to its disappearance and creating a historic scandal.
Bane 2-16-99 Once the opal had been recovered, very few sought the tainted reputation that came with it. Bane claimed it in an opal quest, going undefeated in hopes of once more bringing honor to the title of the blue opal holder.
Dizzy Flores 11-10-99 Once more there was a quest for the infamous opal after Bane left the rank to become the diamond, this time the soldier Dizzy laid claim to it, also going undefeated.
Daelin Dragonsblade 2-20-00 Daelin sucessfully challenged Dizzy and claimed IceDancer, only the second to do so through process of challenge.
Defended against Tareth Thorn 5-9-00
Defended against Alexandria Wells 5-4-01
Defended against Dizzy Flores 6-20-01
Tareth Thorn 8-9-01 Sucessfully challenged Daelin for IceDancer.
In a rare turn of events, Tareth issued a challenge to all the emeralds to come and try to take his opal, he wouldn't be taking advantage of the 30 day grace period between challenges. He defended it sucessfully against three emeralds before someone finally beat him;
Magnus Highborn, 10-9-01
Janella Vallonia, 10-10-01
Jaycy Ashleana, 10-14-01
Jake Thrash 10-16-01 Jake was tricked by Tareth into fighting for the opal, but reluctantly took it anyhow.
Defended against Dizzy Flores 2-25-02
Chris Graziano 5-5-02 Sucessfully challenged Jake for BeerCooler
Defended against Stick 5-23-02
Harris D'Artainian 6-5-02 Sucessfully challenged Chris for IceDancer
Defended against Xerzes Maureen 6-17-02
Defended against Anubis Karos, 8-21-02
Harris instituted an open challenge night, where any eligible emerald could come and take a crack at his title. Three tried tried before one finally succeeded.
Defended against Xerzes Maureen, 12-10-02
Defended against Dominic Fetzer, 12-10-02
Manni Cohai 12-10-03 Manni was the third challenger to step up to Harris' open challenge, finally besting the brawler to become IceDancer's newest holder.
Alexandria Graziano 1-4-03 Sucessfully challenged Manni for Icedancer, winning the opal in two concecutive overtime duels.
Grayson MacLeod 1-25-03 Sucessfully challenged Ria for Icedancer, winning the opal in three duels.
Anubis Karos 3-22-03 Sucessfully challenged Grayson for Icedancer, winning the opal in three duels.
Cory Havoick 4-29-03 Sucessfully challenged Anubis for the blue opal, winning in two concisive duels, as he had publically promised on the cork.
Gork 8-27-03 Despite being relative newcomer to the sport, Gork took the blue opal from Cory in two duels.
Grayson MacLeod immediately challenged Gork on the grounds that the opal holder hit an unarmed lady. However, he would fail to champion this cause and lose to Gork in three duels, 9-22-03.
Grayson challenges Gork again, losing in two, 12-3-03
Defended against Cory Havoick in two, 12-7-03
Defended against Tim Enralyte in two, 12-17-03
Dizzy Flores 12-29-03 Gork holds an "open challenge night" and invites anyone eligible to challenge for Icedancer. Dizzy Flores is the first to take up the challenge - and the last. She wins in three duels.
Xerzes Maureen 4-27-04 After 8 consecutive unsuccessful challenges, Xerzes challenges Dizzy for IceDancer and wins in two duels, earning his first opal.
Defended against Max Blue 5-11-04
Given up 07-17-04 after winning Diamond
Jigglypuff 11-3-04 Jigglypuff came out on top of the Masquerade Brawl to claim IceDancer.
Defended against Mur Ollavan 12-04-04
Farek 4-18-05 Farek defeated Jigglypuff 2 duels to 1 to claim IceDancer as his own.
Defended against Pslyder 7-3-05

Duelist Date Opal Acquired Notes
Imp 10-11-97 Placing fifth in DQ XI, Imp chose the yellow opal, MoonBeryl
Defended against Malefestra, 10-27-97
Ryan Mercury 11-9-97 Sucessfully challenged Imp for MoonBeryl
Jeff Oakenshield 2-6-98 Going undefeated in an opal quest, Jeff claimed MoonBeryl
Dexter Montoya 4-18-98 When Jeff won the DQ, his opal went vacant. Dexter was there to pick it up in the ensuing opal quest, narrowly defeating Tarl Cabot 5-4 in 14 rounds for the title.
Tarl Cabot 4-18-98 After the opal quest was over, Dexter offered a challenge to Tarl, who had fought so keenly for the gem. Accepting, Tarl handily defeated him twice, so Dexter forfietted the opal to his worthy opponent. Tarl proved himself able to defend the title many times over.
Defended against Kazakill 7-28-98
Defended against Roland Sal Roa 8-11-98
Defended against Andrew Forcer 9-26-98
Defended against Andrew Forcer again 5-14-99
Defended against Tareth Thorn 11-18-99
Defended against Maetel Cat 1-16-00
Dustin Manjahcapery 4-10-00 Sucessfully challenged Tarl for MoonBeryl, the first to do so for nearly two years.
Defended against Anubis Karos 5-5-00
Defended against a creature known as Jigglypuff, 8-12-00
Casey Shiv Blade 5-5-01 At the end of DQ XXV, the Outback staff decided that the three highest finishers of the Diamond Quest should recieve rights to the vacant opal titles. MoonBeryl had been vacant since Dustin won the DQ a cycle previous, so Casey lay claim to the title by finishing sixth.
Defended against Xerzes Maureen 7-22-01
Tareth Thorn 1-19-02 Sucessfully challenged Casey for MoonBeryl
Defended against Magnus Highborn 5-10-02
Casey Shiv Blade 6-7-02 Sucessfully challenged Tareth for Moonberyl.
Defended against Xerzes Maureen 8-12-02
Bode Bojangles 11-17-02 Casey, unwilling or unable to defend the opal, surrendered it to Matthew, who decided to award it to the challenger Bode without contest. Bode would then shortly go on to win the diamond and leave the opal title vacant once again.
Anubis Karos 7-7-03 Anubis took home the long-displaced opal after finishing first in the Third Intergender War.
Pslyder 8-20-02 The elf completed the first successful challenge for the yellow opal in nearly a year, winning in three duels.
Harris D'Artanian 12-2-03 Harris successfully wins in three duels to claim MoonBeryl, leaving the title vacant when he wins Diamond Quest XXXVI.
Tareth Thorn 2-7-04 A special Tag Team Tournament is held as an Opal tournament. The winning team of two will receive the vacant Opals - PathFinder and MoonBeryl. The unlikely team of Tareth Thorn and Cassius Maxim win the tournament with a 4-0 record. Tareth claims MoonBeryl
Pslyder 4-6-04 Pslyder relclaims his favorite opal in two duels.
Cory Haviock 7-7-04 Cory defeats Pslyder in two straight duels to claim MoonBeryl.
Cory stripped of title for failing to respond to a challenge. 12-7-04
Ticallion Carter 1-9-05 Ticallion wins MegaBrawl Tourney to claim MoonBeryl.
Defended against Mur Ollavan 3-1-05
Rakeesh Sah Tarna 4-18-05 Rakeesh defeats Ticallion 2 duels to 1 to claim MoonBeryl.

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