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Mysti's Gown Troubles

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2004 4:16 pm    Post subject: Mysti's Gown Troubles Reply with quote

Date: 8/29/00 5:28 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Arane G

Arane idly tapped a pencil on a blank page in her sketch pad, watching out the window of her study into the garden below where Cletus was pointing out some threatening looking clouds their son, Zen. Her eyes quickly darted back down to the blank page in the sketch pad, nearly feeling a twinge of guilt for her unfolding plan. She hated to go behind his back but he was just so frustratingly stubborn.

Several days earlier, Myst had approached her to design two dresses for some stupid magic tournament. Arane had never been into magic. In fact, She actually hated it with a passion but even more than that she hated the fact that her husband continued to participate in the sport.

Deep down she knew that Myst would not agree to what she was about to ask but the protective side of her forced her to continue on with the plan anyway.

Her thoughts regarding the matter were interrupted by a sharp knock on the door of her study. Arane sighed, leaning back in her chair. She still had the second gown to design and interruptions weren't going to make that any easier. "Come in."

Her assistant cracked the door enough to slide inside. "Ms. Silverhand has tried on the gown, Arane. Would you like to go in now?"

The pencil dropped to the desk, as did her palms which helped push her body from her chair. "Absolutely. Does she like it?"

"Loves it," the young woman replied with a warm smile.

Arane nodded once, dismissing her with a quick wave of her hand. The hand then absently ran through her blonde hair, carefully not allowing her eyes to look back out the window as she moved towards the door. She stepped out of the room, making the trip down the hall and up a flight of stairs to a room used especially for fittings.

She rapped on the door, waiting several moments until she heard Myst's voice inviting her in. She slowly opened the door and stepped inside the room where an attendant was making several final changes to the dress.

After a short exchange of pleasantries between the two friends, Arane took a step closer to admire the dress. It was a simple, classy gown, made of an emerald green silk that Mystik had sent over. The gown was definitely sexy, just not as revealing as Arane's typical designs. It was more something that Myst would wear, instead of something Arane would wear.

Dismissing the attendant with a quick "Thank you", Arane took a step forward, dropping into a crouch to gently tug on the hem, making sure the fabric hung the way it had in her imagination. Having gathered her thoughts the best she could, she began her short speech. "Myst... I need to ask you a favor," she said quickly. Without waiting for her friend's response, she continued on, "My husband and I are having a difference of opinions. He wants to be
in this tournament and I don't want him to. I was hoping... that perhaps you could find a way that he would be disqualified or for some reason he can't enter."

She rose slowly with the last several words until she was at eye level with Myst. "Can you help me?"

Date: 8/29/00 8:50 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: MystikKialynna

She'd arrived at Arane's home as arranged. The ArchMage Tournament of Challenge was fast approaching. Again, she silently berated herself for letting time get away from her. She always had new gowns made for these two special nights on the Isle, wanting to add a special feel to the whole night in her dress. Lately she'd taken to wearing comfortable leather breeches and flowing shirts ended by knee high boots for
working. Since her adopted sisters had persuaded her to try working in breeches, she'd found them more comfortable and versatile for her various duties. It would be nice to wear skirts and silk again, even for just these two nights.

The silk had been a gift from what might as well be considered a brother in law, given his relationship with her sister, Chyrie. Jarl had come by a ship's load of silks and had gifted all of the huge collection of the women in her adopted family called the "Bramble Bunch" with several bolts of various fabrics, as well as new wardrobes for them and their children.

As soon as she'd seen the bolts of silk, she'd known she'd have gowns made from the two in particular for the AMT. The deep emerald would look striking with her hair and skin tone for the Tournament of challenge. The blue the shade of the twilit sky on the Isle with a delicate "watermark" pattern resembling waves and clouds would look fetching with her silver eyes for the Challenge Finals.

The dress fit very nearly perfectly, not that she'd expected less. The feel of silk against her skin again bringing a smile to her features. She'd complimented Arane and her staff's skill several times. She was delighted with the emerald silk cut in a simple, yet elegant pattern. The neckline low, but not blatantly so. The bodice clinging gently to feminine curves. The snug waistline making much of her tiny waist before sweeping to the floor in
full, flowing folds. Imagining to low heeled half boots in the softest of black leather to be worn with it, laced up slender, petite feet, over her ankles, she couldn't help but turn a bright smile and sparkling silver eyes to Arane as she came in.

About to ask about an upswept hairstyle when Arane finally spoke, she fell quiet, listening to her friend. Concern in her eyes, her friend's expression and tone were serious and troubled. Then a flare in her eyes as the request was made.

"Arane, I cannae do tha,' lass. Cletus is fully qualified for the tourney. In fact, 'is was t'first registration ta make it on m'desk."

She watched her friend's expression change. " Lass, I know ya dinnae care fer magiks, but he's safe, aye? T'Wards on t'isle are stronger than e'er durin t'tourney. Tis a time chosen especially fer a surge in t' inherant magiks o t'Isle itself."

She could have explained further, gotten into the details of the ley lines on the Isle, how all things were at their strongest during tourney time. But she saw from Arane's expression it would do little good. "I'm sorra lass, I cannae disqualify 'im. He's Magus an' vera skilled. E'en iffin he does duel wit' children's toys. I know ya dinnae like magiks lass, but he'll come ta nae 'arm in t'tourney. "

She understood her friend disliked magic, to the point that she'd not come to the Isle to watch Cletus duel. Mysti wasn't sure just how much Arane knew and understood magic, but that was irrelevant in the request made. She was only a little surprised at the request, but this was not something she could do. Neither her honor or her devotion to her duties would allow it.

Mysti stood there, fidgiting with the skirts of the beautifully designed gown, dismay on her features at her friend's expression.

Date: 8/30/00 8:13 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Arane G

Arane understood very little of what Myst said. She hated and feared magic so passionately that it wasn't even allowed as a topic of discussion in her presence or in the presence of her children. Therefore, Myst's comments regarding her husband's skill and toys simply confused her further.

The conversation that followed was brief but amicable. She included a halfhearted apology for even asking, after which Myst assured her of her husband's safety once more. Arane left Myst in the capable hands of her staff as she quietly excused herself, claiming she had much work to do on the second gown to have it ready by the second evening.

Arane didn't get far from the fitting room. A young blonde woman stood right outside the door with her hands on her hips, a stern look on her features as she waited for Arane.

Arane sighed heavily, leaning against the door. "What is it, Charlie?"

The hands fell off the girl's hips as she began to reprimand Arane, wagging a finger at Arane as if she was a small child. "I thought you were handing over all the fashion stuff to me until after your baby was born. Two new gown designs in a week? This is my job right now," the young woman chided her boss.

"It's a favor for a friend," Arane grumbled, really not in a mood to be lectured by an employee.

Charlie shrugged off Arane's comment, continuing on in her lecture, "Well, I could have handled it. I've got this fashion stuff under control, Arane. Go take care of yourself. I'm a responsible kind of person. I got that Fall Show off without--"

"That's it!" Arane said brightly, all thoughts of her disappointment over the previous conversation with Mysti were immediately forgotten. Unfortunately for Myst, the disappointment was replaced by mischievousness. Charlie's words had sparked an interesting thought. "You're a genius, Charlie."

"I know. I know. But... mind telling me exactly how?" Charlie asked, slightly confused by her Arane's glowing praise.

"Remember the gown at the Fall Show. My favorite one of that show?" Arane asked excitedly.

Charlie nodded her head twice. "Yeah. BA-Dow," she mentioned, making a quick motion to her breasts. "But I don't see how that's going to help you with a second gown for that woman. She would never wear something like that."

"Then we'll have to stall. We'll tell her that it isn't ready yet, that we're having trouble. She won't get a fitting until the very last moment. She won't have a choice but to wear the dress. We're gonna help Myst give those horrid magic people a show that they definitely didn't expect," Arane explained, bright blue eyes twinkling with amusement.

"Why, Arane? Come on. Let's not cause any trouble, especially not with magic people," Charlie replied with a slight shudder.

Arane ignored her friend's comment, already moving down the stairs towards her study. She was too wrapped up in how much fun this would be to worry about any kind of fallout. "Bring me that design, Charlie. We got a lot of work to do."

Date: 8/31/00 6:33 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: MystikKialynna

Having assured Arane once more of her husband's safety, Mysti was helped from the gown and assured it would be delivered in a day or so. The second gown would be in the makings soon and would be brought to her the afternoon of the Finals.

Wandering through Rhydin as she made way home, a slight frown furrowing as she thought about the fitting. Truly concerned that her friend would make such a request, though she did understand the concern that prompted it. She didn't know how deep Arane's distaste for magics ran. Only that she was very distrustful of it. Acknowledging to herself that many did not understand magics or even the duels on the Isle. Yet how could it be seen as more
possibly harmful than dueling with physical weapon or hands? A slight shake of her head as she paused before the Inn. The sight of family members through the windows persuading her to enter and relax a little before returning to her office.

Soon the troubling conversation forgot as she detailed the lowly gown she'd fitted this afternoon to her sisters. Relaxing with a mug of tea before the hearth with three of her sisters as they discussed gown styles. A deep blush staining her cheeks as her Pixysissy , Amthy, coyly suggested a gown a bit more daring than she'd normally wear. With an embarrassed laugh, she waved away the suggestion that she bare a bit more skin than normal, the
suggestion made with the disclaimer that it was the fashion to do so. Her sisters teasing gaily about her modesty. All in good fun, later she smooched cheeks, razzing the adorable Pix as well before heading for the Isle portal down the hall.

Arriving in her office moments later, a sigh as the peaceful quiet closed around her. A soft chuckle remembering the gentle teasing. No, she'd be utterly too shy to display her form so. Especially on an occasion such as the gowns were being made for. A shake of her head setting crimson waves to dancing as she settled at her desk, pulling forward the lists of goods to be delivered for the two nights of festivities on the Isle. The matter of
clothing pushed aside as she became immersed in her work.

Date: 9/4/00 11:57 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Arane G

Maria Fercucio had never been as scared in all of her fifty-six years as she was at that moment. She stood outside of Mystik's office with a clothing bag covering the second gown over left arm and a note from Arane gripped tightly in left hand. Her right hand clutched the cross around her neck tightly, murmuring soft prayers to help build up her courage. "Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now, and in the
hour of our death. Amen."

Mrs. Fercucio was even more terrified of magic than Arane. As she grew older, Mrs. Fercucio became even more set in her superstitious and strict religious ways. She had only recently moved to RhyDin from Talsiny where practicing magic was punishable by death. It didn't matter how long Mrs. Fercucio lived in RhyDin, she would never get used to magic being practiced so freely.

Now she stood in front of the head witch lady's office, her body nearly trembling in fear. She reminded herself softly that her boss would not send her if it was dangerous. The witch was a friend of Mrs. Ganderfald's and had to be treated as such.

Pulling the covered gown tighter against her body, her hand released its tight, almost painful, grip on the cross. The hand then reached out ever so slowly, managing to gather enough courage to knock firmly on the door.

The voice which invited her in, threw her for a loop. It was soft and kind, not at all the harsh raspy voice which she had expected. She slowly opened the door and stepped into the office, reminding herself of Mrs. Ganderfald's orders. No major changes were to be allowed on the dress. The dress was designed to show off as much as possible while still remaining dignified and classy, a rare combination that Arane's designs were famous for in Talsiny.

Mrs. Fercucio closed the door tightly behind her, deciding not to show her fear. She turned back to face Myst, forcing herself to stay on her guard despite the woman's gentle looking appearance. "Lady Silverhand? I am Maria Fercucio. Mrs. Ganderfald has sent me for your fitting. She apologizes for the tardiness," she announced in a proud, proper manner as her left hand held the note out for Myst to read.

Date: 9/4/00 3:03 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: MystikKialynna

Glancing up from the paperwork holding her attention at the knock on the door, a soft "Come in" before she settled back in the soft leather chair. Another glance quickly darted to the time keeper her sister had given her assuring her there is still a little time before the Finals.

A gentle, warm smile offered to the woman. Goddess, why did she seem such a bundle of nerves? Another warm smile offered as the woman introduced herself. "A pleasure Lady Fercucio. Aye, I'm Mystik Silverhand. " Reaching for the note, silver eyes running over it as she waved off the tardiness, " Nae worries, I know Arane's been pressed for time on this and I vera much appreciate her designing it for me. The one I wore last eve was simply
gorgeous." Another smile offered to the rather cat-on-a-hot-roof woman before turning attention to the note.

It turns out that I had quite a bit of fabric left over. I haven't the slightest idea as to why. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the dress. I know those little wizards or whatever they're called will.

~ Arane Ganderfald

A slightly puzzled look followed. She'd sent a dress length and a half of the twilight blue silk moire. Ample for a full skirted formal length gown. Silver eyes raised in question to the Lady. " Arane said she'd a fair bit of the silk left ... I know I sent more than enough, but there shouldn't have been overmuch left." Her voice trailing off as she looked over the full, uncut fabric she'd sent as the Lady produced it. "Wait...tha's what I sent..."
Very puzzled, she looked to the garment bag. "Then wha's in there..?"

Date: 9/4/00 4:46 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Arane G

Maria Fercucio's face twisted in confusion. Was the witch trying to play a trick on her? Or perhaps this was one of Mrs. Ganderfald's schemes? It didn't matter. Either way, she had a job to do and she would get it done.

Shakily, her thin fingers unzipped the garment bag to reveal the shimmery light purplish-silver silk beneath. "This is the dress that Mrs. Ganderfald sent over for you to wear tonight. She was insistent that there were no mistakes. This is your dress for the evening. She also thought that you might not have the correct shoes for such a dress so she sent some along as well," she said, adopting a very firm professional tone.

Mrs. Fercucio pulled the garment bag down to reveal the top half of the daring, yet still elegant, dress. "Would you like to try it on?"
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