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Changes ~ The day after (Mystik)

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2004 4:26 pm    Post subject: Changes ~ The day after (Mystik) Reply with quote

Date: 9/22/00 6:35 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: MystikKialynna

(( Author's Note: All are welcome to join in this thread, add their character's impressions and thoughts about the end of the Quest. Have fun! ))

The night had been one of answers. Stunning creations and displays of newly gained powers as well as more questions. Mystik leaned comfortably back in the deep leather couch in her office, adding an entry to her journal about the night before.

Reading over her notes about the creations of the four Towers ~ Water, Air, Earth and Fire ~ and the breathtaking Citadel of the Stars, the abilities and weaknesses each would have as well as an account of the displays of the new spell, Elemental Fury. Scripting a few more notes, she leaned back, the journal resting in her lap as she reached for the steaming mug of tea on the cherrywood occasional table. A sip of the steaming brew, no need for the
pretense of caution with the heat while she was alone in her office. Enjoying the fragrant scent of the peach / vanilla blend she'd made herself, silver eyes moved to the window. Those eyes falling to half mast as she pondered the events. There were still questions, at least for her.

The Quest had been a search, both by the Isle for the Keepers, as well as for each person involved. For Mystik, it brought a myriad of questions. Curious by nature, as many could attest, she constantly had questions. In the finding of that first fragment, the questions had been about those brief flashes of knowledge she'd been given, both flashes of the past and the, at that time, future. Last night, she'd watched the dreams that had been teasing
at her sleep emerge as truth. The Citadel and Towers were as the first fragment had showed her they would be. Yet even more fantastically so. A hint of dream state had whispered over the entire evening. But answers had been promised, and had been given. Yet still she wondered. The Isle had never seemed in need of protectors before. What did the Isle, in it's awakened state, see coming to pass that it would be in need of protection?

A light shiver rippled through her at the memory of when Eros had unbalanced Light and Dark on the Isle. Not only the things that had happened to her, Eros and Andromeda before the little girl's birth, but the general apathy and ill happenings that occurred during that time. The balance had been restored, but could the future vision of something similar, or worse, be why the Isle had chosen it's protectors? As the current guardian of the Isle, if
something did come to pass, she'd be among the Keepers in protecting this place that meant so much to her.

Since first stepping through the portal so many years ago, Twilight Isle had been such an integral part of Mystik's life. It had been part of many times of happiness, laughter, joy, sorrow. Finding...both herself and those that would have a part in the shape of her life. Of losing...the twins she'd labored in the sands of the Isle to birth. Their eternal sleep after only a few moments of life. The loss of her unborn second daughter, Andromeda,
temporarily, to the Darkness. The loss of her marriage. Of dear, sweet Annie. Mana and Dex. The finding of new life and strength...and Mel. More recently, the loss of a love and life she'd began to believe in, learned to trust.

Closing the journal, for the time being, sliding it to the low cherry wood table before the couch. Mysti curled up with her mug of tea, gazing at the Isle through the large window in her office. Her life was changing again. She'd meet it with the strength gained through past events. With the understanding that all happens for a purpose. With the prayer that she would gain more strength and knowledge from whatever was to come.

A slight shake of her head. So many changes, large ones, in her life that were connected to this Isle that she now was guardian of. What would the future hold here? Changes were coming, she could feel them creeping closer. Some would bring great joy. Others a painful sorrow. New friends and old. Memories to be shared and made. She looked forward to meeting the challenges, being part of it all. The Isle was somehow a part of her. Of her life.
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