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PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2004 4:57 pm    Post subject: Awakening. Reply with quote

Date: 5/12/02 7:54 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: XHavoickX


Three weeks ago Cory's world was violated, raped and turned upside down. Everyone he knew was pushed aside to make room for the forgotten terror, the beast they all thought had been beaten long ago. No, The parasite had simply gone dormant, lying in wait for the one...Ariadne Angeles, to be long gone. Everything had been staged. It knew the best way to destroy Ariadne was through her new husband and keeper of her love, Ryan

-][Flashback, 1 year 4 months ago.][-

Now was the time to go "body hopping". It had seen the camaraderie displayed by Cory's few friends and his brother. Yet Ariadne played the crucial role in its defeat; thus, she must be destroyed or otherwise. Its' target was her husband and Cory's brother, this was the best way to kill two birds with one stone. Or, at least kill one and weaken the other..Cory was still useful after all. It had waited patiently for the
newlyweds to leave the safety of each others embrace. Christ, that made him sick! Finally, the time came for it to pounce down upon the blissfully brain-dead man, and it did so with a vengeance.
Attacking Ryan's body and mind from all sides, it left him no opportunity for escape. Its' toxins were released into the central nervous system to further weaken him. First this potent mixture would numb his senses, then it would throw him into a downward spiral of mistrust, depression, and anxiety to decrease his mental capabilities. There was no hope for this victim, only an eternity of suffering...which could lead to only one conclusion. It made
sure Ryan had the most pain filled trip of his petty existence, its goal to drive him to the brink of insanity then gleefully push him over the threshold. And how lovely, it set a new personal record with this mortal. Within a few weeks Ryan had snapped, lost all sense of reality and fiction, he was living a nightmare at all times...this drove him to suicide.
Now the first domino had been set into motion and the second was ready to topple. Shortly after the...terrible...terrible (Yet oddly satisfying.) demise of her husband Ariadne began to digress, she had lost her one true love and she was crumbling at the seams. Cory too felt the sadness of losing his brother, his mentor. His mind began to weaken; he was almost there, but it needed more damnit! More! The next action couldn't have been more pleasing
had it been planned... All it knew was that Ariadne had left the realm of RhyDin wit the high likelihood of never returning. What a perfect condition for Cory to be in! This would make the re-investation ten times easier! Once inside it would just have to hibernate until another tragedy took place to further weaken Cory's state.

-][Three weeks ago.][-

Its hibernation was starting to grow longer and more tiedious than it had hoped, but the wait was well worth it. Aylysia, Quinn..even Cory's sister, Illusia played a part in the awakening of the unforgiving beast. It found the best place to reinhabit Cory's mind was while he's on the Isle. Klytus, or the so-called "Grand Magi" as it had heard, created this place with vast amounts of Mana in which it used to gain strength.
Night was here, the time had come. The moment Cory set foot onto the sands of the Isle it had him; all it needed now was right before his own two eyes. Ayly and Soerl...simply putting it. This is what pushed Cory over the edge. Thus it had begun, at his feet the sand started to shift away. The grains appeared as though they were fleeing for their nonexistant lives. Slowly but surely a crater formed beneath his feet, those lovely chocolate brown eyes
had taken over a dull, lifeless white glaze. It was like the whites of his eyes had invaded the pupils and left nothing but an endless sea of emotionless pure white. With a sudden..yet silent explosion a sweeping wave of pressure was sent over the Isle. As the dust settled his figure stood there, encased in his black prison. The black aura had returned.

Now it was back, now it had control, now it had more power than before. Now people would suffer...

(A.N.- Yes, I know. This is a little late but I've been busy trying every way managable to push this SL along and get it structured. At the moment it's a closed SL, but when I get caught up if you'd like to join just drop me a line. Anywho, enjoy.)

Date: 5/16/02 6:40 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: XHavoickX

Chapter II:
"Erratic Palpitations of the Human Spirit"

No more than a few days after its return did Cory's friend, a woman by the name of Anojlie Quinn, declared her intent to vanquish the parasite investing Cory's mind. My, my...this was quite unexpected, yet easily dismissed. She was, after all, only mortal.
A couple of days passed and dear Quinn was starting to become more of a nuisance than it was accustomed to. Repeated threats, warnings and all of the such... Of course these were ignored, but a being of supreme power can only tolerate so much. Thus it obliged her requests for a fight, not in the rings mind you, but outside in the open air; this is where real damage can be done. Mmmm, absolutely delicious, it could rid itself of this pest and
carry onwards with its original plans.
Here would be an excellent opportunity for the nightmare to stretch its limbs and display its might by destroying the woman. There's a catch, there's always a catch when mortals take up the role of "hero".
The moment he set foot on the soil of this selected battleground those emotionless orbs of white widened in shock as the darling Quinn began to change. Not just any change, her eyes began to take over the same milky glaze as his. Immediately it thought one of its brethren had taken control of this human, but was too weak to garner complete control. Maybe somehow, because of it's weakness the woman had taken control of it? If that was the case it
knew it could still win...there would just be some difficulty in doing so.
Meaningless words were exchanged between the two, it had had enough; the sooner she was destroyed, the better. It took the first offensive, a hand was raised then rapidly slammed into the earth. The ground beneath their feet began to quake and split to reveal a near bottomless chasm. It could only sigh in disappointment as she easily avoided the certain demise by leaping away. She, now calling herself "Cyn", retaliated with physical strength, little
did she know it had few cares about Cory or his body. It was simply using him as a vessel to carry out its desires. Yet it did feel the pain Cory felt when Cyn hurled and massive boulder it had created with the quake. It had little time to react, instinctively it threw up the left arm, which was promptly shattered on impact by the velocity and sheer weight of the rock.
This straw had broken the camel's back, or arm. As Cory was writhing in pain it left him along in his agony. At that moment his body went limp...nothing more than deadweight against the ground's cold embrace. Now it revealed its true form, that of a small sphere of violet light. From here it cautiously hovered forward, it was extremely vulnerable in this state but that was just a risk it would have to take. The little ball of energy bounced in front
of the woman's eyes as a distractionary measure while it removed Cory's body from the premises.
With that out of the way it fired out an octuplet of purple beams, each carving a piece of earth from its resting place. These massive chunks were then hurled into the sky, swiftly followed by another more concentrated beam. This caused and explosion in midair and a hail storm of burning rocks and small laser-like "stars" to fall resulting in wide spread damage. Neither were able to escape harm, the rocks pummeled both Cyn and Cory's bodies while
the smaller beams scorched through the flesh like a knife through melted butter.
A simple sacrifice it had to make to send this mortal a message. Afterward it buried itself back inside Cory's mind and carried him off to a healer...this place was overly abundant with them; so why not? It left Cyn to wallow in her defeat, to struggle in her sea of pain and maybe just die from blood loss. Perhaps now she'll realize that saving Cory has become a lost cause. Even trying may result in forfeiture of life.

(To be continued...)
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