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A little PR never hurt the Elf. . .

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 11:55 pm    Post subject: A little PR never hurt the Elf. . . Reply with quote

From: pslyderfta@aol.com (Pslyder FTA)
Date: 19 Feb 2004 01:20:43 EST

Lisana was out and about early. The blonde made sure to tell Pslyder to meet her at the gym in an hour, after they had gotten off the phone with one another. She had to make use of the fact that the elf was one of the hotter commodities in the League. So the endorsements were signed by her on his behalf. The agent was found. Someone the blonde knew from back in her college days and had kept in touch with. That was what brought her down to the nicer side of town. The clean streets. The immaculate office buildings. To stand outside the door of The O'Connell Agency. The glass door was tugged open and the blonde stepped into the warm comfortable office. The receptionist smiled in greeting. "Good morning Miss, how may I help you?" Ever polite the greeting as Lisana looked around. " Lisana Drasinia to see Felicia O'Connell." It got a nod from the middle aged brunette behind the desk. "Is Ms. O'Connell expecting you Ms. Drasinia?" Lisana moved over to the desk, leaning against the side of it as she looked at the woman behind it. Her feet were all ready starting to kill her in the strappy sandals that matched the flowing dress she was wearing. " She is. Please tell her I am here, I do have other business to attend to, today." The brunette nodded quickly and picked up the phone. Punching the extension for Felicia's extension. "Ms. O'Connell? Yes there is a Lisana Drasinia here......oh, yes ma'am, right away." The brunette hung up the phone, coming quickly out from behind the desk. "Ms. Drasinia, this way, Ms. O'Connell is waiting for you in her office." Lisana nodded with a smile and followed the brunette back through the winding corridors of the large set of offices and hallways. Not even a pause in the blonde's steps as the door to the largest corner office was opened by the receptionist. She breezed past the woman and curtly closed the door on her. Turning to face the beautiful redhead in front of her. Both women let out a squeal in unison and then they were embracing. " It's been forever Feli! God you look good, success sits well on you. Did you get a boob job?" "Lissie! Look at you! Are you pregnant?!! Hey! They are all natural thank you very much!" Both women broke down into laughter, hugging once more before they settled into chairs on their respective sides of the desk.

"Look at you Felicia, you look absolutely wonderful. God it's good to see you. But to answer your question yes I am pregnant. Due sometime in August. I am dating Tellius, he's on BLS, I know you keep up with them. And of course I have my own expansion team, though you all ready know that. Since we've been talking over the phone. Just remember. Pslyder is *ahem* lethal to unprepared women. So don't let your guard down, okay?" The blonde gave her longtime friend a grin and checked her watch. " I told him to meet me at the Gym, he should be there in about twenty minutes."

Felicia gave a nod, she'd spent some time observing Pslyder in action since she and Lisana had spoken. She had seen the effects the elf had on the women in the crowds. Seen the way they practically creamed themselves when he happened to glance their way. " I know Lissie, don't worry, my brain still functions even in the presence of an up and coming sex symbol." A rueful chuckle given. "I'm suprised you didn't fall for him" That earned Felicia a look from Lisana that near instantly shut the redheaded woman up. "Ah, I see." The blonde shook her head. "No you don't see Felicia, we could have gotten together but we didn't. He's one of my dearest friends and sometimes I have to be his conscience. I'll tear anyone to pieces that hurts him. He's family." That last statement brought a widening of Felicia's eyes. She knew Lisana well and knew that the blonde didn't name someone "Family" easily. Though once named that meant they were treated like no other by the blonde. Felicia stood. Smoothing out the three piece double breasted light blue suit. The jacket worn alone without a shirt and the skirt came to her knees. She looked quite respectable and professional. While at the same time not losing a bit of her femininity. "Shall we go then, I had the car pulled around when I was told you were here. Lets take a ride dear friend." Felicia helped Lisana up out of the chair. Giving the blonde a tender hug. "Congradulations Lissie, if anyone will make a good mother it's you." Lisana smiled and kissed Felicia on the cheek. "Thanks Feli."

The two women headed out of the office, sliding into the back of the sleek sedan out front waiting for them. Talking softly after Lisana gave the driver the address of the Unmentionables Gym. Catching up on old times the entire ride to the large warehouse that had been purchased and remodled specifically for the League's newest expansion team. Lisana pointed to Pslyder's bike with a smile. "By the way he builds custom bikes, both Tellius and I have one." Felicia gave a nod, she was busy going over the contracts for the energy bar endorsement. Sliding out of the sedan and she followed Lisana into the gym. Contracts slid back into the manilla folder in her arm which was tucked back into her briefcase. Glancing around the Gym before her eyes fell to the elf. Lisana cleared her throat. "Pslyder!" Calling out to her star duelist to get his attention before she smiled at him and led Felicia over. "Pslyder this is Felicia O'Connell, she's your new public relations agent. An old friend of mine from college. Felicia, this is Pslyder." She leaned to kiss the elf on the cheek and nod to Felicia before she was backing away. " I have some other things to attend to today. I will leave you two to discuss business and get acquainted. Psly sweety, Felicia has the contract for your new endorsement. There are samples in the office if you feel you have to try it before you sign. Other then that, well Felicia will let you know what's gonna be needed." She waved to the two and was hurrying towards the door. Tellius was waiting, a rev of the bikes engine was heard before the blonde slipped out of the gym, locking it behind her. Psly had keys and the gym wasn't open for regular business for another four hours.

Felicia glanced at Pslyder, nodding a bit as she tipped her head. A pair of reading glasses still perched on her nose. That mass of red hair was up in a loose bun and she looked professional but relaxed. She held a hand out to Pslyder and smiled. " A pleasure to meet you Pslyder. As Lisana said I am here to help you, help your team."

He took her hand, "Pleased ta meet'cha", and brushed his lips over it. He'd decided to go with loose fitting clothes today, as this was all biz for him. "So," he drawled, "Ah'm gon' be sellin' energy bars, Ah take it?" He casually glanced over her behind his mirrorshades, then firmly throttled his libido into check. It just wouldn't do to try seducing one's agent, after all. . .

Felicia figured he was probably checking her out. It wasn’t something she was unaccustomed to, being a female agent in a sporting arena it came with the territory. That million dollar smile was gifted to him. “Indeed. From what I have read in the contract they are all natural, they have the ingredients in them to compliment both your energy on the field and the…ah, other areas your known for. I have tried the product, it is a good product, taste wise, it seems as if it will sell well. I am here to make sure that all the other aspects of the selling are done in a professional manner and in a way that will best help your image and the image of your team.” She took a moment to pull out the manilla folder once more, opening it and flipping it to the page that described his duties. “ As you can see here, it says that you will need to do some photo shoots with the product, for marketing ads. It also states that if you are to eat anything at any of your matches it is to be the product. If that’s acceptable to you I just need to get you to sign this last page here.” Expert use of her skills kept the juggling act of papers and folder while she pulled out a pen from being a humiliation. Felicia held the pen and folder out to him. “By the way. Damn good matches the past couple of weeks.”

He read over the pages quickly, the cameras in his mind scanning them to his headware memory. "So no shots'a eatin' 'em in mah boxers, neh?" He joked, flashing her his own smile. "An' thanks, but Ah'm still workin' on tha rest'a mah season. Mind if'n Ah give a couple'a these suckers a try right quick?" He didn't really approve of the limitation of only eating the bars at the matches, especially with the way some of those were catered, but he could work with it. Other than that, he didn't really see any problems lurking in the contracts. He'd review them in more detail later, but first he needed to try the things. If they tasted even half as good as it was claimed, they'd sell even without his face plastered on them.

A quick shake of her head. “No, not shots of you eating them in your boxers.” A hand slid into her briefcase again, all three flavors brought out. One of each. “No go ahead, I figured you might so I brought some of the samples they sent over to me with them. If you have no objections to the contract I will go ahead and make the call to confirm the first marketing shoot for tomorrow at ten a.m. Here in the gym. I can get a revision on the contract about the eating if you need me to. Just have it stated that you need to be seen eating one bar, at each match so that you don’t feel like your getting limited. I know they cater most of the matches. It was the only part of the contract I really forsaw a problem with. Would that be better for you?” She moved over to set her things down on a table. Spreading out the paperwork so he could get a better look at it, while she jotted some notes down on a legal pad. The energy bars were actually very good. They didn’t have that eating cardboard kind of taste most had. A hand braced to the table as she leaned over, tapping the toe of one soft blue pump against the floor. “ Just throw out whatever ideas you have and I’ll jot them down. Also anything that you think might land you with negative publicity give me a heads up on so that I can spin it so it’s not so bad.”

He quirked an eyebrow at her, wondering if she could read his mind. . .as interesting as that may be, there were places in there she really did not want to go. He peeled off the wrapper from one of the bars and took a small bite. "Hmm. . .not bad. . .nice'n chewy, but gotta good flavor to 'em." He kept chewing thoughtfully, running over the contract display in his vision. He highlighted a few sections that had very slight potential to rebound in a bad way, and sent that information to the printer in the office. His smartgrapple snaked out of his arm, grabbing the paper out of the printer and setting it in front of her before coiling back into its housing. Finishing off the bar, he grinned at her, crumpled up the wrapper, and sailed it deftly over his shoulder and into the trashcan. He waved off the pen, setting a finger against the paper and tracing his name, the device in that finger leaving a slightly burning scent as it imprinted his signature on the sheet. "Thaht 'bout take care'a tha preliminaries?"

There was a slight chuckle as she watched him. Those reading glasses perched on her nose still and she was gathering up the contract, that was tucked neatly back into place. “That takes care of it and no they don’t taste bad at all. Give it about two minutes and you’ll feel the kick.” She just had to grin, a rather well, secretive grin. Pale green eyes set to watching him for the reaction. It was an interesting one to be sure. She’d experienced it when she’d eaten her first energy bar. Now she was curious to see how it would hit him. Glancing down at her watch before back up at him. “And…five….four…..three……two…….one.” Leaning to see just how the other ingredients affect him. She was watching his pupils.

He furrowed his brow at her, slipping off the mirrorshades. It didn't hit him right away, per se, but he definitely felt something. He couldn't quite put his finger on it at first, but then he really felt it would be a good idea if he wasn't so close to her for a while. "Innerestin'. . .Do me a favor, would'ja? Kinda. . .go thaht way fer a while." He fought to keep that firm throttle on his libido, really trying hard not to think of her as anything but a business associate. He idly noted the way his muscles thrummed, and wondered what kind of performance he could muster. Moving quickly, he shucked off the sweatshirt and laid into the punching bag with a flurry of quick strikes and powerful kicks. He kept this up for quite some time before he felt even the slightest fatigue, and was rather grateful to find that his rampaging libido was once again quiescent. He grabbed up a towel to wipe off the sweat, and picked up the sweatshirt again before facing her. "Very innerestin'. Ah like." he said with a wry grin.

Felicia humored him, chuckling as she moved across the gym to make her phone call. The small mobile phone was held to her hear as she spoke into it. Watching the elf go through the furious workout. It would be a good photo shoot. She had a lot of ideas to go over with the photographer. There was no doubt that these energy bars were going to be a hit. The phone was hung up as he finished his work out. She moved closer to him. She didn’t feel like shouting across the gym at him. “ Good, glad you like them. Now be here tomorrow morning at ten a.m. Just wear sweats and a tee-shirt. I’ll have clothes for you to wear during the shoots. Then I will need for you to be free tomorrow night at about eight p.m. We have an engagement to go to with the top people of the company that is making the energy bars. It’s black tie. I’ll have a tux sent over to you.” She handed him her business card. “Meet me at that address at seven thirty. Oh and my home phone and mobile are on the back of the card. Any emergencies try the mobile first, if you get the voice mail then I’m at home. Like I said before, I need to know about bad press asap.” She gave him a smile before she was moving to gather up all of her things. Moving out of the gym, she slid into the sedan as the driver held the door open for her. A wave to Pslyder before the door closed and she was heading back to the office.
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DoS Archive

Joined: 16 Feb 2004
Posts: 30701

PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 11:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

From: lisanamtiralis@aol.com (LisanaMTiralis)
Date: 19 Feb 2004 18:28:22 EST

Photo Shoot
By Lisana and Pslyder

Felicia arrived at the Bras N Boxers Gym at around 9:30 that morning. Helping the crew set up everything that would be needed for the photo shoot with Pslyder. It was a rush to get the ad campaign going. The Unmentionables needed the exposure and Pslyder was having an amazing rookie season. The work out area was lit up, the lights were placed around a single ring. Everything was set up and the array of morning goodies was set out for everyone by the caterer. The two outfits she had chosen for Pslyder were laying over a chair set aside for him.

A few last minute idea sessions with the photographer, going over exactly what they expected and what she would not allow to happen with this photo shoot. It was an endorsement of an energy bar, not something to show off the elf like a piece of meat in a butcher's shop. The photographer held his hands out in ascent. He wasn't going to argue with the head of the O'Connell Agency. That was a sure way to get yourself black-listed where talent was concerned.

Felicia looked up as Lisana stepped out of the office. Her friend had to get here to let her in and now it seemed she was leaving. A wave to the blonde mother-to-be as she headed out. Felicia told the crew to get their last minute stuff taken care of. They had about ten minutes before Pslyder was to be here. She on the other hand took the opportunity to take a better look around the Gym. There was better equipment now. It looked like it was a rather comfortable place for team meetings and such. The lounging area was very tastefully done. A nod to herself as she smiled. She really didn't expect anything less. The name of the team might lead one to let their imagination run but she could see that everything was very professionally and tastefully done. Not that she didn't expect Lisana to do it any other way. One thing the blonde did have was an accute fashion sense, be it for her wardrobe or decorating her home or place of business. A sigh left her lips. She turned at the sound of the door opening and put on a smile as she saw Pslyder come in. "Well good morning Sunshine!" Unfortunately for the elf, Felicia was obscenely cheery in the mornings.

He'd shown up as promised in a tee-shirt and sweats, and didn't really mind the cheeriness. He was like that himself some mornings. "G'mornin' t'you too, Miz O'Connell." He smiled at her, his still slightly damp hair falling straight down his back. He set his travel mug of coffee down on the counter and looked around at all the preparations that were going on. He smiled again, this time to himself. He'd changed a lot since coming here. In his old life, exposure like this would've been a death sentence. Here, he wasn't the cypher in the system anymore. He shook himself out of his revirie and hung his trademark jacket over the back of a nearby chair.

Today's outfit was sensible, she was going to be doing a lot of bending and squatting so a pair of navy slacks and a loose fitting white button up shirt with the cuffs rolled up to mid forearm was her choice. Along with a pair of loafers. She nodded to Psly, heading over that way. Pointing towards the chair. "We are gonna do two seperate shoots. One of you in the practice area working out. The other of you in the ring with your sword in a few stances. I brought some clothes that I had Lisana's help in picking out. But I think they will work for what we need to get done." The sound of something breaking had her whipping her head around, red hair whipping to smack the elf in the face. "Be careful with that!" Glancing back at Pslyder. "Sorry, go ahead and change into the shorts and muscle shirt for the work out area, we'll do that one first. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free. If at any point your uncomfortable doing any pose let me know."

Nodding, he took up the clothes she'd indicated, and went into the locker room to change quickly. A few minutes later, he strolled back out again and headed for the exercise area. Making sure his flare compensation was up to maximum to fend off the camera flashes, he took a quick look around and waited for the inevitable instructions. Figuring now was as good a time as any, he started in on his stretching routine to warm up a bit.

Felicia smiled, watching him. A motion of her hand had the photographers going at him from different angles. Catching him while he was warming up. The shorts showed the musculature of his legs but at the same time covered everything and were modest. The muscle shirt left his shoulders and arms bare for the most part, showing off the elf's musculature and giving just a bit of eye candy in muscle tone to those that would see the pictures in the adds. Felicia nodded again as she motioned to Psly. " Just act natural, be natural. Though don't punch so fast that it's a blur in the picture. In other words try not to look like your posing. Go to it, Sunshine!" She found herself a chair close by but out of photo range and settled into it. Arms folded loosely over her chest as she watched. Supervising was the easiest of the many jobs being someone's Agent entailed.

He barely heard her as he went into a vigorous workout session. Keeping his movements slow and steady to start, his fists thumping against the bag in a smooth rhythm. He kept this up for a good twenty minutes before putting the speed into the mix. He finally stopped when the photographer bemoaned that he just couldn't focus on the movements. A brief thought of suggesting a time-lapse style photo passed through his mind, but it wasn't his job to suggest it. A slight rush of wind helped to dry the sweat off of him as he looked to Felicia. "A'ight, whaht's next on tha list?" He eyeballed his jacket and the twin katanas sticking up out of it, wondering which they'd want. Single bokken, or twin blade. If they chose the twin blade approach, he would definitely give them a good show. He strolled over to where the other set of clothes were, giving them a good inspection.

"Now we get you in the ring. Those are the shots we need the most." She gave the photographer a patronizing smile. "Jimmy dear, time lapse, use your brain I know you have one." It was said in the sweetest of voices but one look at the suddenly pale face of the photographer and you could tell that he had struck a nerve with Felicia and she wasn't about to put up with it. The clothes for him to wear in the ring were black silk pants and a matching black silk shirt that had wooden togs for fastenings. Very stylish they were eastern in design and concept. They would allow for maximum movement and flow of body while he was in the ring, but would give subtle definition to the play of his muscles as well. " I think the twin blade will be the best way to go." Giving a glance to Pslyder, the arch of the brow made the statement come off more as a question. Not really asking but more wanting his agreement.

He grinned, thinking she really could read his mind. He took the outfit into the locker room to change, taking a rather quick shower in the process, and drying off with another flow of warm air. Dressing carefully, he slid out of the locker room and over to his jacket, drawing the twin katanas and leaping into the ring. He eased into his stance, clearing his mind of everything but the movement of the blades as he went through his practice katas. Adding a personal touch to the shots, he invoked the powers of his key to let electricity play up and down the metal as the blades swished through the air. Time seemed to slow to a crawl for him as he moved, not even noticing the flashes from the cameras. This time, he didn't stop until the kata was complete, and he bowed to an unseen opponent, the silk flowing in the breeze he'd invoked. He looked over to Felicia and the main photographer and smiled. "How wuz thaht? Or do we need ta do it again?" A stray thought of doing something with her that had nothing at all to do with publicity flashed through his mind, but was quickly throttled down before it could show on his face.

She had watched it all, her eyes sliding over his form, every move was watched, analyzed. Sure there was a bit of appreciation for his looks in her smile but other then that it was all business. When he finished she glanced to Jimmy who gave a smile and a nod. That pale green gaze was turned back to Pslyder. "No we don't need to do it again. Jimmy got everything we need in that one shot." She made a circular motion with her hand at the crew and they began the task of breaking everything down. Putting it away and cleaning up to leave the Gym exactly how they had found it. " We are done, you did great. These are gonna look really good. We should have the prints tomorrow. I'll bring them by and leave them with Lisana if I see her. Or you if you're here. You can circle the ones you like best and we'll use the ones that we both circled. Sound good to you?" She was standing. Pulling out the mobile to send the page to her driver. "By the way the tux is in the office. Seven-thirty tonight."

He just grinned and nodded. "Lookin' forward to it, Miz O'Connell." He resheathed the blades and headed back to the locker room for a good shower and soak in the sauna. After a workout like that, he could use the downtime. When he came back out of the locker room, everyone was already gone. Looking into the office at the tux, he sighed. "Great. . .Ah hate monkey suits. . ." Sighing again, he went out to do some last minute shopping for what he thought he might need on the evening, including, of all things. . .a haircut.
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