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Moving On

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 11, 2004 7:43 pm    Post subject: Moving On Reply with quote

Date: 10/25/99 7:16 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: MystDBurgo

The events of the last several months had finally come to a crescendo. The final note in what had been, for her, a symphony of the deepest, truest love unfortunately was jarringly discordant and not at all welcome. She stares out through the Rainbow Veil as the last two goblins carry the last trunk out, making their way toward the portal and Rhydin.
Turning, silver eyes wander over the rooms she has lived in for the last five and a half years. Rooms now bare of all except his belongings and the painting that she is leavng over the mantle.
Silver eyes take in the living room where they had spent much time before the fireplace. Holding each other, talking, laughing. Later on playing with Andi and then Amber. Remembering all the times he played games with the girls there. The day they taught Andi to make a rainbow...her first spell.
Then she looks further, walking into the kitchen and dining room where there had been so much laughter and warmth. A kitchen he had spent as much time in as she had. The time that they would sit at the polished black marble table to share a meal. A quirk of a smile as she remembers the first time he watched Andi feed herself and the laughter when her flying spoon ended with most of her ice cream on Da rather than in her tummy.
Moving further through the cave, she walks into Andi's former room. The emerald walls seeming a little less bright with the lovely paintings and drawings so many had made while she was pregnant gone. The shelves and cupboard empty of Andi's books and toys. The crystal dollhouse dismantled and gone. Her pretty little dresses gone from the wardrobe, her crib gone. Remembering how much fun they had carving this room from the emerald vein in the cave,
decorating the room.
Leaning against the doorway of the amber room that she had made for the beautiful little girl they adopted, Amber. This room she had made and decorated alone. It seemed he no longer had time for such things. This room too empty of the bed and furnishings , clothing, toys and books that once brought it to life.
As she wanders on, she stops at the sapphire enclave that was to have been Marz's room. This she was having to do slowly to conserve her strength, again, he had had no time for such things. The crates and boxes holding the expected babe's belongings gone away from the enclave, moved away to the new home Marz would be born in.
Finally, taking a deep breath, she moves to the doorway of their bedroom. Closes her eyes, remembering the passion, the dreams, the hopes and yes, though not for long and not from the beginning, the love shared in this room. Her love for him had grown from the beginning, but she had known his heart had not been completely with her. then, the day she knew his heart was indeed hers alone, fleeting though that proved to be. Turning away , sick to her
stomach as she wonders if others had been in this room and bed. Walking quickly away from the room stripped of all her posessions, she checks the desk they had used once more for any of her papers or records. Seeing none, she moves back into the living room.
Another deep breath, silver eyes raise to the painting abover the fireplace. The portrait he had recently given her of them. Her seated, gazing with deep love into his eyes as he kneels before her.
" Why could you have nae stayed this way Eros? Why was I nae enough for you?"
Shaking her head with a sigh and tears in her eyes she turns, walking away. With the Rainbow Veil behind her, she turns once more to run eyes over these rooms where she had briefly held and lived a dream. She turns, walking through the magical waterfall veil, making her way across the sands to the portal. One hand resting on her tummy, caressing the growing mound there.
"We will be fine little one. I will always have time for you and your sisters. And iffin yer Da finds time, mayhaps he will wish to see you as you grow. But you will always be well loved, you and your sisters. You will become a fine man, one who knows what truth and faithfulness to committment are. Aye...we will be fine..."
Into the portal she steps to unpack in their new home, needing to rummage to find a uniform until she can completely unpack.
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